Air Conditioning Maintenance in Austin

No appliance works harder than an air conditioner in an Austin summer.

Regular DIY maintenance is a great way to keep your ac functioning efficiently, but an AC tune up from a licensed professional is the best way to avoid costly AC repairs and lengthen your unit’s lifespan. We also offer an 18-month repair warranty and a lifetime warranty on new AC systems.

Why Get an AC Tune Up

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Most homeowners don’t think much about their air conditioner until something goes wrong, which is understandable. There are no lights or milestones to remind you when your AC needs service, and it’s easy to forget as long as it’s blowing cool air. But, just like a car, proper maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently.

Air conditioning maintenance is just like a routine oil change or tire rotation. It gives our licensed HVAC technicians an opportunity to make sure all the parts are working, and fix any potential issues before they end up causing problems.

Making a few tweaks to your air conditioner is also significantly cheaper than AC repairs, especially when we offer seasonal specials for spring tune ups. Plus, rather than having to go even an hour without your AC in the middle of July, you can keep the cool air blasting all summer long. SCHEDULE TUNE UP »

What’s Included in AC Maintenance

At Daniel’s, we provide a comprehensive inspection for every air conditioner. While there are common things we check during each tune up, our service techs can also address any concerns you may have about your unit, such as odd noises or uneven cooling.

Regular air conditioning maintenance can help avoid needing repairs, but, if we do find something broken, we also specialize in providing effective AC repair when necessary.

If there’s absolutely no other option, you can count on Daniel’s to give you an honest quote for a new air conditioner installation for your home, without worrying about a hard sales pitch or an upsell.

Typical AC Maintenance Includes These Steps:

✓ Calibrating the thermostat to ensure your AC is adjusting to the correct temperature

✓  Inspecting oil and/or air filters, including in-duct UV air purifiers

✓  Evaluate blower components for even cooling

✓  Gauge overall air flow and any potential obstructions

✓  Check all electrical connections

✓  Examine condenser and evaporator coils

✓  Check metering device, if accessible

✓  Measure return and supply air temperature

✓  Inspect wet tub temperature, if applicable

✓  Assess safety controls and processes

✓  Test the amperage of compressor

✓  Measure suction line temperature

✓  Check refrigerant pressure and levels

✓  Examine condensate drains for potential leaks or blockages

Based On What Our Technicians Find In The Inspection, They’ll Move On To Whatever Processes Your AC Needs To Keep Working Properly, Such As:

✓  Replacing, cleaning, or installing new air filters

✓  Tightening electrical connections based on volts and amps

✓  Lubricating all moving parts to keep them moving smoothly

✓  Cleaning or clearing condensate drain, blower components, and condenser coil

Our AC service techs will make sure everything is running smoothly in your unit, which will also increase the overall energy efficiency of your HVAC system. A simple tune up can end up saving you money every month as your AC won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

Want to know more about our tune up process? Give us a call! We’re always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Basic AC Maintenance for Homeowners

While there’s no replacement for a tune up by an AC professional, there is some general maintenance we recommend homeowners do if they are able. Old air filters and blocked air ducts can put a strain on your AC unit, and replacing your filters once a month can add up to 5 years to your air conditioner’s lifespan!

Similarly, while there may not be a DIY solution, professional air duct cleaning can help your HVAC system evenly cool your home without trying to force air through potential blockages or obstructions. It can also help solve uneven cooling in your home and increase the overall air flow – meaning more cool air even in the hottest months.

Want to Learn More?

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