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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We Are The Drain Cleaning Experts

There are a variety of “rooter” and drain cleaning companies in the Austin marketplace. They arrive at your home and get to work unclogging your kitchen or bathroom drains or worse… a toilet in crisis, but then they jump back in their trucks and drive away. When Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning shows up, we work to diagnose the problem, not just fix it.

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We want to know what causes the issue and that only happens once the clog is remedied. Why would we want to spend a bit more time on the problem rather than rush off to the next paying customer? That’s easy: unless you identify and remedy the cause of the problem, you will be seeing another service truck at your curb before too long! Even in elementary school, we learn about the relationship between cause and effect. Drains operate the same way. Tree roots, collapsed pipes, obstructions — anything at all can disrupt water flow. It doesn’t work to simply deal with the clog and run on down the highway.

We guarantee that you will know the “why” behind every drain issue. We are equipped with cameras to eliminate the guesswork. You’ve got to know what the issue is to know what your options are.  That’s the value we offer our customers.

A note about kitchen drains:  no matter how careful you are about keeping grease out of your sink, over time every kitchen drain will see the build-up of grease in the pipes. It’s inevitable. Should your kitchen drain need attention, we use a hydro-jet that cleans all 360 degrees of the drain pipes to completely remove every bit of grease. You’ll notice a big difference right away — our customers are always pleased to see the water spiral flow down their drains by the gallon. No more delayed draining!

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