Gas or Electric Tankless Water Heater

So, you’ve opted to go with a tankless water heater, however, your decision making is not over. The decision of going gas or electric has plagued many homeowners. Each option has its advantages and neither is appropriate in all situations. It’s important to keep in mind all situations when making a decision. Whether you choose gas or electric, you will enjoy the added efficiency and convenience when you go with a tankless water heater.

What to Consider When Picking a Gas or Electric Tankless Water Heater

Cost of Operation – Most people think gas is the more affordable option. However, with tankless water heating that is not always the case. Initially, costs are higher for gas water heaters simply because they are more complicated to install. A high-quality heater with an electronic ignition system may be even more expensive. Over time, those who opt for a gas tankless heater may recoup most of the cost difference due to gas being a cheaper input fuel than electricity.

Efficiency – Gas may be a cheaper fuel than electricity, however electric water heaters are more efficient. Typically, a tankless electric water heater is 90 percent efficient, compared to 85 percent for the latest model of gas tankless heaters.

Water Output – Output gives gas the greatest advantage over electric. Most gas tankless heaters can deliver 8 gallons per minute. Electric rarely reaches this level of output, especially if they’re based in climates where the incoming water is initially cold. For large families with extensive hot water needs, a gas tankless may be the route to go.

Size – Electric heaters are optimal in small homes. They cover about one-third of the space of gas tankless. Often electric tankless are installed in small closets or other hidden spaces, this frees room up in the rest of the home.

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